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The Legend of Zelda - Chess Set

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The Legend of Zelda Chess Set is the ultimate strategy game and a "must-have" collectible for every Zelda collector and fan. The first and only Chess game that features the most beloved and popular Zelda characters in classic poses with an exclusive color variant and a beautifully designed game board.

12 Silver Hero Pieces:

  • Link (King)
  • Zelda (Queen)
  • Impa (Bishops)
  • Epona (Knights)
  • Darunia (Rooks)
  • Navi (Pawns)

12 Black Villain Pieces:

  • Ganondorf (King)
  • Twinrova (Queen)
  • Iron Knuckle (Bishops)
  • Phantom (Knights)
  • Armos (Rooks)
  • Deku Scrub (Pawns)