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Banpresto - Your One-Stop Anime Figure Range

Banpresto figures, a branch of Bandai-Namco, create some of today's most detailed and unique Anime figures and collectibles. Featuring imaginative poses that capture the action from all your favourite Anime shows, to a refined attention to detail that captures even the smallest nuances of each character, while remaining some of the most affordable figures on the market, Banpresto offers the perfect way to grow your anime collection.

If you've got a preference for chibi-cuteness, Banpresto's Q-Posket line is the perfect place to start. With stylised larger heads, they're delicately crafted to give the best sense of each character's facial features, hair, and, well, character. Banpresto's Q-Posket range covers almost every anime franchise - start collecting today!

If a faithful-to-the-show realness is a little more your speed, Banpresto's Break Time and Vibration Stars figure ranges may more closely suit your tastes. Matching the uniqueness of each character's artistic proportions as seen in-show, as well as capturing movement, face and hair details, and attack effects, each and every figure would make a fine addition to your collection.

For Sailor Moon fans, Banpresto's range of Glitters & Glamours figures offer a to-scale option for collectible characters. Each character is faithfully portrayed and posed creatively based on their in-show appearances. Check out our range of Sailor Moon Banpresto Glitters & Glamours figures and start your collection.

If you're ready to Rock The Dragon, why not explore our range of Dragon Ball Z Banpresto figures? With so many options across Banpresto's many amazing ranges - Solid Edge Works, Match Makers, DXF, GxMateria and more - you can collect Goku and his friends (and enemies) in a style that suits your tastes. There are so many to choose from, complete with dramatic attack effects and different Super Saiyan styles, why not start your collection today!

Set sail for Banpresto's Grandline series of figures, portraying Monkey D Luffy and his friends from the hit anime One Piece ! The One Piece anime offers such a diverse range of characters and Banpresto captures ALL their styles perfectly. If you've been waiting to start your One Piece collection, this is a sign to start collecting now!

Exploring Banpresto's range of My Hero Academia figures feels just like setting foot in UA - Pro Hero students everywhere, with all manner of Hero quirks. Banpresto is certainly up to the job of capturing the movement and attitude of each and every hero, from Deku to All-Might. Keep an eye out for figures from Banpresto lines including The Amazing Heroes, The Evil Villains, Age of Heroes, and many more!