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One of the oldest forms of entertainment, board games and table-top games have been around since as early as 3500 BC and have been a cherished pastime in many cultures. The board games that resemble the ones we know today, for example Chess, originated as far back as the sixth century.

The twentieth century gave rise to many modern classics, including Monopoly, Risk and Cluedo, which have been treated to many different editions. The twenty-first century saw something of a renaissance of table-top gaming, with an explosion of new games releasing since the turn of the century. Today, there are more board games available than at any other point in history, with more releasing all the time. There are light-hearted family games and party games, and more serious strategy games for those who love a challenge.

If you’re looking for the perfect way to break the ice at a party, look no further than EB Games’ range of party games for young and old. From throwing burritos to finding which of your friends is a spy in the resistance, we’ve got the right game for you!

Kids at home and stuck inside? Take a look at what board games for kids we’ve got in store. Trivia, Monopoly, Codenames, you name it – we’ll find you the right family board games with just the right level of challenge to keep their minds engaged while bringing everyone together for some quality family time.

For when the kids have gone to bed, check out EB Games’ range of board games for adults. Our range of strategy games will provide that intellectual challenge you’ve been looking for. However you prefer to play, let EB Games be your one-stop board game shop!