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Disney’s The Lion King Toys

First released in 1993, The Lion King was and remains one of the greatest Disney films of their golden age of animation. Emotionally stirring, richly drawn and beautifully animated, this is a film with much to offer audiences of all ages.

The story follows Simba, a lion cub next in line to be King of Pride Rock. A tragedy befalls him, and his jealous uncle drives him from the Pride Lands. Raised in exile by an unlikely duo - warthog Pumbaa and meerkat Timon - destiny beckons as he comes of age, and so he returns to take his rightful place as King.

So beloved was the original that it earned two sequels, a spin-off animated series, a broadway adaptation and a live-action remake. The story of the Lion King continues to captivate audiences the world over.
Add some fun new Lion King products to your kingdom with Zing Pop Culture! For all little lovers of lions and lifelong fans of Pride Rock’s finest, we carry a range of Lion King toys to complement any collection.

If you’re searching for some essentials, check out our range of Lion King pop vinyl figures, featuring a range of your favourite characters, including Simba, Timon, and even Frozen’s Olaf in a very convincing lion costume (but we won’t tell him we know it’s him).

If you’re looking for something more beyond Lion King figures, why not consider whiling some time away on a Pride Rock puzzle? It’s 300 pieces, which is just challenging enough for younger fans, and you can finish it off in an afternoon!

If you prefer to express your Lion King love on your sleeve, why not take a look at our Lion King apparel range. We’ve got fresh new socks, t-shirts and Simba accessories coming in all the time, so be sure to check back for more, here at Zing Pop Culture!