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LEGO Merchandise

LEGO has been making their signature interlocking bricks since 1949. The company name 'LEGO' was chosen based on the Danish 'leg godt' meaning 'play well'. The simple, perfectly modular system enables the construction of objects, with the pieces able to be pulled apart and used to make new things over and over again.

Since the 50s LEGO has released thousands of playsets covering a variety of themes, branching into licensed kits from various popular franchises including Harry Potter, Star Wars and Minecraft.

LEGO has had an indelible effect on pop culture. They branched into their own line of video games based on popular franchises, beloved for the slapstick humour they employ throughout. 2014 saw the release of The LEGO Movie, incorporating a colourful minifigure cast and a world constructed out of LEGO bricks.
The masters of the interlocking brick have landed at Zing Pop Culture, and we couldn’t be more excited! We’re thrilled to bring you the best LEGO toys that Pop Culture has to offer, so you can continue your building adventure.

For fans of the galaxy far, far away, Zing carries the latest LEGO Star Wars sets; so you can battle the dark side of the force and restore balance to the galaxy once again. If the magical halls of Hogwarts are more your speed, look no further than our range of LEGO Harry Potter sets.

For the gamers, Zing brings you LEGO Minecraft - if ever there was a game suited to the LEGO treatment, this is it! Mine for diamonds, run from creepers and Endermen, and build your home base, for real this time! Zing also carries LEGO Overwatch, for those more inclined to defend the world from the Omnic Crisis.

Whatever your preference, Zing Pop Culture aims to bring you the best of Pop Culture LEGO Australia has to offer.