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Though the earliest recorded use of the word ‘puzzle’ was toward the end of the 16th century, jigsaw puzzles first came to the fore in 1760. Interlocking, tessellating pieces are assembled to reveal a picture once complete. Popular imagery included maps, cut along borderlines, making the puzzle a useful tool in learning geography.

Cardboard jigsaw puzzles first appeared during the late 1800s and grew quickly in popularity, thanks to their affordability when compared with wooden puzzles. The Great Depression saw a surge in popularity, as a cheap, recyclable form of entertainment. This also saw puzzles gain complexity as they were marketed to adults for the first time.

Today, puzzles continue to provide hours of enjoyment and low-intensity mental challenge. Pick one out and give it a try!
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If you take your dose of space with an extra helping of chaos thrown in, we’re serving up the freshest Rick and Morty puzzles in the multiverse. Or, if your idea of an epic journey is a trip to the local coffee shop, let us (Central) PERK up your mood with our range of Friends puzzles. No, the piece doesn’t go that way! Pivot! PIVOT!