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Q Posket Figures

Q Poskets are premium figures designed by toy makers Banpresto, with new designs releasing monthly. So far, the range features characters across popular franchises such as Disney, DC Comics, Harry Potter, as well as anime such as Sailor Moon and Cardcaptors.

Their design is characterised by their large expressive eyes and attention to even the most minute details. The standard designs feature bright, bold colours, with many figures featuring a colour variant version with lighter pastel tones. They come in two sizes - standard figures stand around 14cm tall, while the petit figures are a tiny 7cm.

Banpresto explores all sorts of exciting character variants too, with their Disney range featuring alternate costume versions and variants themed for weddings, winter and tea parties; as well as the even cuter chibi-like Sweetiny range.
At Zing Pop Culture we know that the best collections start with the highest make quality. Q Posket from Banpresto offers astonishing detail at a reasonable retail price. The figures are whimsically stylised with nostalgic characters treated with all collectors in mind.

If Disney Princesses take your fancy, check out Zing’s Q Posket Disney range. Disney’s princesses can be found ready for weddings, tea parties or winter snow, brimming with personality. If your collection needs a little more magic, check out our range of Q Posket Harry Potter figures. Collect Harry and his friends, as well as Newt Scamander and other characters from the Fantastic Beasts films.

If fighting evil by moonlight and winning love by daylight is more your speed, you’ll find just what you’re looking for with our Q Posket Sailor Moon range. Usagi is ready to defend your collection in the name of the moon! There are more figures released every month so be sure to check back for more.