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Rick and Morty Merch

Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, 'Rick and Morty' is an adventure that spans the multiverse.

Rick Sanchez has foregone many of life's conventions in favour of his wacky science experiments, often leading him and Morty into some degree of grave danger or major inconvenience. Meanwhile, Morty craves a normal teenage life - school, friends, first crush - but keeps getting dragged along by Rick through all manner of interdimensional peril. Eventually, he starts to get a handle on the chaos, and even gets to pick the destination when he gets enough Rick Adventures on his punch card.

Then there's the family. Luckily, Rick has an endless supply of inventions to keep them occupied as he and Morty gallivant through portals, but eventually, they want a piece of the multiverse action too.
Zing Pop Culture has sourced all the best Rick and Morty merch from Earth C-137 and beyond. We can’t tell you how many portals we had to hop to find our range of Rick and Morty pop vinyls, including as many versions of Pickle Rick as we could get our hands on.

If you prefer your collection cuddly, check out our range of Rick and Morty toys, including the cutest and strangest plushes the multiverse had to offer. Otherwise, if you’d like your bedroom wall to look 47% more interdimensional Zing Pop Culture has just the right Rick and Morty poster to suit even the most cromulous tastes.

We also carry a delightful range of Rick and Morty t-shirts for your torso, Rick and Morty bags for your back, and Rick and Morty pins for your person. Whatever your mood, whatever dimension you currently find yourself in, you can rest assured that Zing Pop Culture has just the right Rick and Morty merchandise to suit your needs.