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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and Zing Pop Culture has got you covered with a variety of gift options from The Simpsons, The Aristocats, and Winnie The Pooh. Show your mom how much you care by gifting her something special from her favorite TV shows and movies.

Marge Simpsons is one of the most iconic mums on television, with her towering blue 'do and unwavering love for her family. If you just want Mum to know that you just think she's neat this Mother's Day, surprise her with a Marge Simpson trinket tray, pin, or mug. We've even got a coordinated greeting card, to tie your gift together.

The classic Disney movie released in 1970, The Aristocats has been beloved for decades. Depicting an epic journey of a mother cat and her three kittens finding their way home, Duchess looks out for her kittens and keeps everyone's spirits high. At Zing, you'll find plenty of Aristocats merch, perfect for your mom's collection. From Marie planters and drinking glasses, to blankets and pillowcases featuring the three kittens, you'll find something that Mum is sure to love.

Winnie The Pooh is another classic Disney franchise loved by all. Give your mom a nostalgic treat with Winnie The Pooh merchandise, including a beautiful jumper, floral slippers, a cozy dressing gown (perfect for those chilly mornings), a wallet, and even a cute little Pooh Bear pin. Take her on a walk down memory lane with the willie-nillie silly old bear and his Hundred Aker friends.