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Fallout - Adult Coloring Book

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New, from Vault-Tec! A few years after you've settled into your luxurious Vault-Tec vault, you may notice subtle changes in your own behavior. Shaking, fever, chills, violent outbursts, and paranoia (especially paranoia regarding your Overseer or the benevolence of your friends at Vault-Tec) are all symptoms of a very serious condition: Vault Madness. If left untreated, well, let's just say that your Overseer has a special final cure for Vault Madness, and you wouldn't want them to have to use it!

Thankfully, each Vault Dweller has been issued just what the doctor ordered to stave off a case of Vault Madness: a therapeutic adult colouring book! This collection of fine Vault-Tec art to admire and colour is being distributed only through ThinkGeek and the Bethesda store, so make sure you pick up your mandatory copy today. Featuring 100 pages of original artwork and perk artwork featuring Vault Boy in all of his glory - there's enough in here to keep you sane until the radiation clears away!

  • Fallout 4 Adult Colouring Book
  • Officially-licensed Fallout 4 merchandise
  • Softcover art colouring book
  • 100 pages of line drawings to distract you from the harsh realities of the Commonwealth
  • +1 agility bonus when you finish colouring