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Nintendo Controller Backpack

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The Nintendo Controller Backpack replicates the look of a classic NES controller from oh-so-many years ago! This 80% polyurethane 20% polyester backpack is approximately 20" long and features raised portions on the controller's "buttons", so you can lay it across your lap and pretend to being playing a super-sized version of 'Punch Out!' without any fear of Nintendo thumb...and it's soft enough that you won't get Nintendo palm, either.

The Nintendo backpack features a dual zip closure, the pulls of each being...little rubber Nintendo controllers! The bag also features two soft black straps for slinging it on your back, and a black loop for single-handed carrying or hanging. Inside the bag are pouches of various sizes for stashing your various belongings, from  pens to books to whatever you can come up with!

Dimensions: 52cm x 28cm x 12cm

This NES controller backpack is definitely as retro as you can go. It has a single main compartment and embossed buttons that make it as close to the original as possible