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Pokemon - Fidough #0926 Kid's T-Shirt - Packshot 1
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Pokemon - Fidough #0926 Kid's T-Shirt

Product Description

Pokedex Entry #0926:

Fidough - the Puppy Pokémon. A Fairy type. Fidough is a small canine Pokémon with a large head and stubby legs. The head contains small, black beady eyes with rounded eyebrow-like growths on top; a snout with a rounded triangular nose and a tiny mouth; and rounded ears that resemble pastries or bread buns. Fidough has a large dewlap on its neck, on which it is able to rest its head while sleeping. Its back has multiple protrusions that resemble a braid, and its tail is composed of two bulbous segments. Its fur is off-white in coloration, with yellow accents on the top of its head, its eyebrows, the insides of its ears, around its neck, and on its tail. Fidough's smooth, moist skin is firm yet soft to the touch, and has elastic qualities; when agitated, Fidough will puff itself up to appear larger, in an attempt to intimidate its opponents. Fidough's breath contains yeast and is used to ferment things. Fidough has long been considered a companion for humanity, because its yeast is useful for cooking.

Now you can show your love for Pokémon in this t-shirt. 100% cotton and skilfully crafted to give you the perfect Pop Culture look! Grab yours today.


  • Colour: yellow
  • Material: 100% Cotton

Official Pokémon licensed merchandise

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Franchise Pokemon Brand Pokemon Colour Yellow T-shirt type Unisex Category T-shirts Sku2002328
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