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Pokemon - Snorlax Ring - Size: XL

Pokemon - Snorlax Ring - Size: XL - Packshot 1
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Pokedex Entry #143:

Snorlax, the Sleeping pokemon. Snorlax is the heaviest species of all known Pokémon, with some weighing more than 1,000 pounds. Snorlax wakes only to eat, and its hunger isn't satisfied until it consumes 900 pounds of food. Then it goes back to sleep. What sounds like its cry may actually be its snores or the rumblings of its hungry belly. Snorlax will eat anything, even if the food happens to be a little moldy. It never gets an upset stomach. Its stomach's digestive juices can dissolve any kind of poison. It can even eat things off the ground.

Signal your prowess in training the largest and laziest of all pokemon, Snorlax, with this Snorlax ring!


  • Size: XL
  • Material: Base metal with enamel fill

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