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Disney - Alice in Wonderland - White Rabbit Watch Necklace

Disney - Alice in Wonderland - White Rabbit Watch Necklace - Packshot 1
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Curiouser and curiouser…

On a dozy summer's day, Alice suddenly finds herself falling down a rabbit's hole, into a strange land of wonder where all the creatures talk but they speak nothing but nonsense; where flowers and playing cards come to life, and where size is *very* relative. Seeking the white rabbit she swims through an ocean of her own tears, attends the maddest tea party she's ever known, and even matches up against the Queen of Hearts in a round of croquet! But no matter how wonderful or terrifying it gets, all she wants, in the end, is to return home.

Are you always running late for all your important dates? If so, check out this whimsical necklace by Disney Couture. It won't necessarily stop you from being late - because the clock is decorative only - but it's from down the rabbit hole so did you really expect it to do what it is supposed to? This long necklace features an oversized pendant with an enamel face in the shape of a rabbit's head. It is designed to look like a pocket watch (please note it is not a working watch and is decorative only) and has quirky detailing such as swirly numbers and 'knife and fork' hands. On the back is engraved the message 'Time is Funny in Dreams'.


  • Size:
    • Pendant: 6.5cm x 3.5cm approx
    • Chain: 70-75cm adjustable
  • Material:14K White gold-plated white rabbit design 
  • lobster clasp
  • engraved hang tag

Official Disney licensed merchandise