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Marvel - Spider-Man Mask Tie

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Marvel - Spider-Man Mask Tie - Packshot 2
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Every day, you've got responsibilities. It's easy to run away, slam the door behind you, huddle under the blanket fort, and attempt to ignore the piles of overdue bills. However, sometimes a true hero has to be steady, and give up the thing you want most. Even your dreams. Or at least, put them on hold for a little while, while you do the daily grind to fund your dreams. 

Don't let your superhero dream die - wear the Spider-Man Mask Tie to your interview. This ThinkGeek exclusive creation is 100% silk. Looking this sharp will ensure that you keep a sliver of your dream with you, even while you labor away inside of a cubicle.  

Product Details:

  • Spider-Man Mask Tie
  • Officially-licensed Spider-Man merchandise
  • Conservative grey background with subtle red Spidey-heads
  • Perfect for the future comic artist who is currently laboring away at a tax office
  • Materials: 100% silk