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Star Wars - Episode VIII - R2-D2 Schematic Spiral A5 Notebook

Star Wars - Episode VIII - R2-D2 Schematic Spiral A5 Notebook - Packshot 1
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Have you ever wanted your very own astromech droid? That one dependable friend you can rely on in the midst of a chaotic outerspace dogfight. That sidekick who'll boopbeep sarcastically when you're really in need of a laugh. Or in the middle of a stealth sabotage mission on an enemy vessel... which, come to think of it, you don't really want that one to happen. Though there might be a setting you can change to fix that?

We've definitely all had that wish at one point or another. Trouble is, you mail-order one and it arrives... in pieces. The amount of work it takes to put it all together really makes you question, did you reeeeeaally want an astromech that much? And as for boopbeeping at inappropriate times, the darn thing doesn't even come with a manual! What are you supposed to assemble it with, the Force? How are you supposed to make sure it doesn't give away your position at the worst possible moment?

At least with this spiral A5 notebook, you'll have all the instructions you'll ever need to assemble your new metal buddy. Though it still doesn't have any info about how to adjust the settings for optimal stealth. Maybe it has an off-switch...?