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Dragon Cake Mould Pan

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This Dragon Cake Pan is ready to hop into your oven and let your baking skills take flight. Made from cast heavy-gauge aluminum alloy, it holds just under 8 cups of batter (2 boxes of cake mix and you'll have some batter left over) when filled to about an inch from the top so the cake can rise. Curled around three eggs, this dragon has all sorts of good reptilian nooks and crannies for your cake mix to spread into, so be sure to grease/oil and flour the pan before baking if you want it to come out of its cave once it's baked. We might be mixing too many metaphors here. We're getting a little dizzy.

How to bake your Dragon:

  • Be sure to grease and flour the pan well before baking.
  • Before putting in the oven, tap the pan on the counter a few times to remove bubbles.
  • Deep pans generally require lower temperature and longer baking time.
  • After baking, let the cake cool in the pan on a rack for 20-30 minutes. Run a knife around the top and invert on a cooling rack until completely cool.
  • While inverted, we suggest you give it a few good thwacks to get the dragony goodness to release from all the nooks and crannies before you attempt to remove the pan.

Product Details:

  • Dragon Cake Pan
  • Perfect for your game master, your shining knight, or your princess (or any combination of those three)
  • Capacity: Just under 8 cups 
  • Materials: Heavy-gauge aluminum alloy
  • Dimensions: 26.67 cm diameter x 10 cm tall
  • Weight: 1 3/4 lbs.
  • Dishwasher and oven safe to over 500° F