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Star Trek - ThinkGeek Planetary Glassware Set of 5

Star Trek - ThinkGeek Planetary Glassware Set of 5 - Packshot 1
Star Trek - ThinkGeek Planetary Glassware Set of 5 - Packshot 2
Star Trek - ThinkGeek Planetary Glassware Set of 5 - Packshot 3
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When you're little, you are bombarded with mobiles and models made with styrofoam balls and shoebox dioramas and all sorts of interactive, creative ways to visualize our solar system. It's a good way to learn where we are in the universe, and it gives kids some perspective. Pale blue dot.

So why not use similar methods to learn to visualize other solar systems, too? This Star Trek Planetary Glassware Set lets you gaze upon otherworldly beauty while drinking your orange juice. Or tea, Earl Grey, hot. We've chosen to highlight several M-class planets: Earth, the capital planet of the United Federation of Planets, home of Starfleet Headquarters, and the location of the main branch of Starfleet Academy; Vulcan, the Vulcan homeworld and a founding member of the United Federation of Planets; Romulus, the homeworld of the Romulans and the capital world of the Romulan Star Empire; and Qo'noS, homeworld of the Klingons and the capital of the Klingon Empire. We also threw in a shot glass for good measure which resembles a Borg Cube, the primary vessel of the Borg Collective. First thing we're doing when we get ours is filling up Romulus with some good Romulan Ale. Or possibly whatever we can find that's drinkable and blue around the house. Not Windex.

Product Details:

  • Set of 5 glasses decorated with places in the Star Trek universe: Earth, Vulcan, Romulus, Qo'noS, and a Borg cube shot glass
  • Capacity: ~300mL glasses; ~50mL shot glass
  • Materials: Glass + high temperature heat wrap
  • Note: The design is NOT stained glass. The design is NOT blown glass. The design is achieved via a high-temperature heat wrap.
  • Dimensions: Glasses are 9cm tall & 7.5cm diameter at widest; shot glass is 5.5cm tall x 5cm width at the diagonal (~4cm long side)
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Not microwave safe