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Pokemon - Caterpie & Pokeball Nanoblocks Figure

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Pokemon - Caterpie & Pokeball Nanoblocks Figure - Packshot 1
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Pokedex Entry #010:

Caterpie, the Worm Pokémon. It is covered with a green skin and has large, eye-like patterns on its head as protection, used to frighten off enemies. Also to repel enemies, Caterpie releases an unpleasant odor from its red antenna. If you touch the feeler on top of its head, it will release a horrible stink to protect itself. Its short feet are tipped with suction pads that Caterpie uses to tirelessly climb slopes and walls, as well as trees to feed on its favourite leaves. Perhaps because it would like to grow up quickly, Caterpie has a voracious appetite. It can devour leaves bigger than its body without hesitation right before your eyes. It molts several times while growing. When it grows, it sheds the skin, covers itself with silk, and becomes a cocoon.

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