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Star Wars - Episode VIII - BB-9E Sphero App-Enabled Droid

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Star Wars - Episode VIII - BB-9E Sphero App-Enabled Droid - Packshot 1
Star Wars - Episode VIII - BB-9E Sphero App-Enabled Droid - Video play
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There is a new disturbance in the force.

BB-9E houses sophisticated tech to support the First Order in eliminating galactic threats. This vigilant and intimidating Astromech Droid is always on high alert.

Ultra-Durable Shell - This dark side droid can weather any battle thanks to its strong exterior.

LED Lights - BB-9E's dome is equipped with vibrant LED lights. Power is passed inductively in order to activate the lights in the head, requiring no additional batteries.

Enhanced Radio System - R2-D2 will react to your presence when its sensors are triggered.

Inductive Charger - Place your droid on its inductive charging base for maximum power (no plugs required!).

Holographic Simulation Sphero Droid Trainer - Begin a new AR adventure alongside your Sphero BB-8 or BB-9E droid in the trainer, open the Sphero App-Enabled Droids app, and see the product come to life within the app in this new experience. Don't worry, R2-D2 doesn't miss out on the experience. This astromech droid's body acts as its own fiducial mark to start your AR journey simply with the app. Roam iconic ship interiors and memorable locations from the Star Wars saga, and more. Each droid has different holographic environments to enjoy. As an added bonus, BB-9E gets to roll through a new First Order Star Destroyer from Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Watch With Me - Watch your droids interact together and view films from the Star Wars saga with BB-8, BB-9E, and R2-D2 reacting by your side.