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Pokemon - Spinarak + Premiere Ball Mega Construx Figure

Pokemon - Spinarak + Premiere Ball Mega Construx Figure - Packshot 1
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Pokedex Entry #167:

Spinarak, the String Spit Pokémon. Spinarak can climb any surface easily, and shoot a strong web from both the front and back of its body. Its prey is caught and held tight in its web. It spins a web using fine—but durable—thread. It then lies still in the same pose for days in its web, waiting for its unsuspecting prey to wander close. If prey becomes ensnared in its nest of spun string, it waits motionlessly until it becomes dark. The web spun by Spinarak can be considered its second nervous system. It is said that this Pokémon can determine what kind of prey is touching its web just by the tiny vibrations it feels through the web's strands.

Spinarak waits to attack with this buildable Pokémon figure! Continue your journey to become a Pokémon Trainer! The next part of your path begins when you open the Poké Ball to build your very own Spinarak before ambushing your opponent with a Bug- or Poison-type attack! Then discover even more Pokémon figures, including some of your favorites from the Alola region, when you build all 6 in the series!

Product Details:

  • Buildable Spinarak figure
  • Poké Ball with pronged top and interior for figure display
  • Ideal for ages 6+