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Magic the Gathering - Unstable Booster Pack

Magic the Gathering - Unstable Booster Pack - Packshot 1
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Unstable explores new areas of Magic game design and continues the tradition of bending the conventional rules of the game in a fun and whimsical way. Silver-bordered cards can do interesting and unique things that regular black-bordered cards don't typically get to do, all in the name of fun, and the set's creative elements reflect that spirit. Similar to previous un-sets, Unstable will be best experienced in limited formats like Sealed Deck or Booster Draft.

Look for randomly inserted rare full art borderless lands by legendary Magic artist John Avon!!

Please Note: Unstable is a silver-bordered, non-tournament-legal product that creates a whimsical, fun, and downright unforgettable experience your players will be talking about for years to come.