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Dragon Ball Super - TCG - Ultimate Box Expansion Set

Dragon Ball Super - TCG - Ultimate Box Expansion Set - Packshot 1
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Power up for battle!

Add to your collection and Power Up your Goku, Freeza, Vegeta decks and more! Bringing New leaders and battle cards to power up new and old decks from Galactic Battle, Union Force, Cross Worlds, and Tournament of power.

The ultimate box contains 130 new cards including Kelfa, Ghost Combo Gotenks, Vegeta, Nightmare Scythe Goku Black, Son Goku, Deathless Warrior Broly, Zen-Oh, Forced Ejection Masked Saiyan and much more. Use the new cards to produce tokens, control the pace of the game by warping your oppents energy, or KO battle cards. 


Each box contains 130 cards:

  • 105 new cards (5 Leader cards, 1pc each / 25 Battle cards, 4pcs each)
  • 25 token cards (5types, 5pcs each)
  • 1 binder with 20 9-pocket pages!

Official Dragon Ball licensed merchandise