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Magic the Gathering - TCG - Ravnica Allegiance Deckbuilder's Toolkit

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Stand with your Guild.

Magic's most popular plane, Ravnica: City of Guilds is changing . Conflict between the guilds flare up as Nicol Bolas begins to exert his influence, warping the plane to his needs. 

Pick a guild and stand with them in this Magic set, featuring the other five of the ten guilds of Ravnica: Azorius (Blue/White), Orzhov (White/Black), Gruul (Green/Red), Rakdos (Red/Black), Simic (Blue/Green).


  • Set contains 259 cards.

This Deckbuilder's Toolkit Contains:

  • 125 Semi-randomized cards
  • 4 15-Card Booster Packs from Recent Sets
  • 100 Basic Lands
  • Deck Builder's Guide
  • Reusable Card Storage Box